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Wranglers Q Baby

Wranglers Q Baby and Haley

“When I first met Q I was working at Avalon as the groom. I had just lost my barrel horse that I had raised since he was born to a freak accident. I was heart broken and didn’t think I would be able to open my heart up to another horse like that. Especially not a spunky 2 year old and definitely not an appaloosa mare. But she decided I was her person. We had an instant connection. The more I worked with her the more her personality came out and the more I fell in love with her. I learned all of the things she loves, like peppermints, kisses and her big jolly ball.”

“She is truly my best friend”

“She wasn’t exactly a favorite when it came to the other employees. They didn’t find her outgoing personality as charming as I did. I loved how goofy and sweet she was. I raved about how much I wished I could have her to anyone who would listen. One day my wish came true. Tommy, Crystal and Blanny saw our connection and worked with me to make it possible. I am so grateful to them. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She is truly my best friend!”

Thank You All!
Haley Fischer, Berthoud, CO

Rebel Rabbit

Wranglers Big Mac
2016 ApHC Gelding Rebel Rabbit aka "Wranglers Big Mac"

“When Avalon Appaloosas asked me to write a testimonial about my gelding I purchased from them, I thought I needed to start from the beginning. I had been looking for a black blanket appaloosa for years, but couldn’t find one big enough, I felt to become a circuit hunter. For those of you that don’t know the circuit, you need a bigger horse to have the step to easily make it down the lines. Otherwise you have to gallop and have no chance of placing in the class.” The circuit has the highest rated Hunter/Jumper shows in the nation. I am a show jumper primary and have always loved appaloosas. When I saw “Big Mac” I knew that he was the one. I immediately made the decision to purchase him. I did not vet or hesitate in that I knew he was the horse I had been searching for.”

“He’s everything I ever wanted”

“Little did I know he was from a town in Northern Colorado, and I had to figure out how to get him to Feelgood Farm in Maryland. Luckily for me, the breeder “Avalon” was very professional and experienced in helping me organize the shipping to my farm. Once arrived, Big Mac’s name was changed to Rebel Rabbit in harmony with other Rabbit named show horses. Rebel Rabbit had a lot of sound basic training when he came to me. He tied, he knew how to lunge and was very mannerly to work with. He was super easy to break which was fully accomplished within and hour or so and goes English as well as Wester confidently. He is extremely intelligent and affectionate. He has already placed in several of the top rated shows in the nation. While only five years old he is currently in the Baby Green Devision, but is mored that not the calmest horse at the show. In other words, no prep, no lunging and no drama. He’s my loyal friend and is able to do everything very easily.”

“The highlight of Rebel Rabbit’s season was most certainly The Upperville Colt & Horse Show. Upperville is a FEI-ranked CSI4* event that attracts hundreds of world-class equestrians who compete in show jumping, hunters and equitation, local ponies, in-hand breeding and sidesaddle. It’s crazy busy with horses and riders everywhere. the jumpers are on one side of the road and the hunters on another.I offer this because crossing the road was no challenge for Rebel. Every other young hunter was probably lunged in the morning, but it was not necessary to lunge Rebel. He placed 5th in the Young Hunter division and was Brilliant!! He did his flying changes like a champion and didn’t spook at a thing. The crowd went wild as they had never seen an appaloosa at Upperville. He is certainly a horse of different color at the shows we attend. It is accurate to say that “Rebel” has greatly enhanced my identity on the circuit. He is known as the Spotted Sporthorse. Many have asked how I was able to train a western horse to become a show hunter. I have simply responded that all Appaloosa’s have the capacity to become very athletic jumpers. However, it is very important that the rider bond with the horse., It has been my experience that while Warmblood’s can handle a lot of different riders, Appaloosa’s tend to bond with an individual rider. He’s everything I wanted.”

Wranglers Big Mac

With warm regards,
Morgan Baugher
Founder of Feelgood Farm LLC, Tuscarora, MD

Tsama Appaloosa Stud

“The first time I saw a picture of Honkytonk Wrangler believing it to be a fantasy drawing only to aquire that this magnificent stallion really existed. On the 3rd of March 2017 the email from Namibia/Africa to Mr. Tom Swan of the Avalon Appaloosas in the USA was sent presenting my request. The request for the possibility of importing semen of Honkytonk Wrangler to Namibia/Africa was met with the highest professionalism, competence and enthusiasm by Avalon Appaloosas. Exactly 1 year later the 1st mare (07.03.2018) was serviced with Honkytonk Wrangler in Namibia and the 1st foal born on the 28th January 2019 on African Soil.”

“Up to now 3 Honkytonk Wrangler foals were produced, convincing with their adaptability and hardiness in the African bush. Without the high proficiency and excellent support from the Avalon Appaloosas Team this would not have been possible. The Tsama Appaloosa Stud in Namibia is looking forward to many more years of breeding partnership with the Avalon Appaloosas. May Honkytonk Wrangler’s progeny roam the African plains!!!”

Miss Ilona Grahl

Jeep Wrangler

Shannon and Jeep Wrangler
2013 ApHC Gelding Jeep Wrangler

“He is sweet, inquisitive and he has the biggest personality I have ever met on a horse. I swear he is famous here in CT, everybody knows him and everybody loves him. And let’s not forget he is poetry in motion, he is just stunning to watch. Jeep is my heart horse and he will be with me until he takes his last breath. I can’t even begin to thank the amazing staff at Avalon Appaloosas for breeding this amazing horse and giving him the best start in life. Thanks again to Blanny, Tommy and Crystal for doing what you do and breeding my dream horse for me.”

“I bought Jeep from Avalon Appaloosas in 2015 when he was a two year old. I posted pictures/videos of him on my social media as soon as I purchased him. I feel like all of CT was patiently awaiting his arrival from CA along with me. I was not disappointed when I watched this gorgeous two year old step off the trailer. He was just Breathtaking. The nod I have formed with this horse is just incredible. He is everything I could ever wanted plus more. He whinnies every time he sees my car pull in the driveway, or every time he hears my voice when I step into the barn. He comes at a full gallop every time I call his name.” 

Shannon and Jeep Wrangler
Many Thanks,
Shannon and Jeep Wrangler
Middletown, CT

Wranglers Rocket Man

Wranglers Rocket Man
2020 ApHC Gelding Wranglers Rocket Man

“We are very pleased and proud to own Wranglers Rocket Man, a 2020 foal out of Place To Hide. He is gorgeous, perfect confirmation with long legs and beautiful coloring who receives numerous complements from everyone in the horse community. We have found “Rocket” to be very intelligent, kindhearted and proud to be a good boy.”

Many Thanks,
Vicky Gorham
Vista, CA

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