Avalon Appaloosas


Here at Avalon Appaloosas we value conformation, pedigree, athletic ability, disposition, as well as a variety of show records and disciplines.  The Stallions that we have bred to our carefully selected mares over the past several decades have produced just that.  The foals, solid or colored, have all been beautiful and exceptionally talented. However, we sincerely believe that COLOR is historically what made the Appaloosa breed so appealing. We have made the decision to breed not only for good minds, soundness, talented ancestors, athletic ability and smarts, but our goal is to produce 100% colored Appaloosa foals. It isn’t that we don’t value the talents of solid Appaloosas, we just prefer color!  Beginning in 2016 we pledged to breed only to our own LP/LP Stallions and to consider breeding to carefully selected, quality outside Appaloosa Stallions, but only if the selected Stallion and/or mare will produce colored foals. With careful consideration and extensive research we have produce only colored foals since 2016. In 2019 we began acquiring well-bred LP/LP Appaloosa mares as well as some colorful, grulla, dun, buckskin, and palomino AQHA mares. 

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